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  • Flash Tape


    Description Flashtape is an essential fashion item.  It is a clear tape with a medical adhesive on both sides and comes in a convenient plastic dispenser. Best for  Garments that need support to stay up or to lie flat against your skin. Best suited to It is perfect for wedding dresses, ball gowns or just […]

  • Nursing comfort package

    Nursing comfort Disposable nursing pads


    • wicks moisture • keeps wearer dry • protects clothing • are contoured for comfort • have adhesive strips to keep pads in place SIZE: 3” DIAMETER – Molded shape QUANTITY: 108 Pieces COLOR: Pink MATERIAL: Spun synthetich and tissue

  • Bra Back Reducer


    Do you have a large bust but a narrow back or has your favourite bra back stretched?  Then the Bra Back Reducer is for your greater comfort.  It reduces your bra back by a full 5cm.

  • Bra Extender


    When buying a bra do you experience problems because your back is broader than average?  This problem is solved with our Bra Extenders which will give you added length.  Simply hook onto bra and feel the difference.  This 3 piece pack comes in three colours – white, beige, and black.

  • Low Down


    The Low Down converts your back closing bra to a low back bra. It is a most successful bra back converter for your bras with 2 and 3 hooks. * One size fits all bras 32A – 40DD. SIZES: ONE SIZE – ADJUSTABLE QUANTITY: 1 PIECE COLOR: BEIGE MATERIAL: NYLON/SPANDEX

  • Silky Sac


    Silky Sac is made of a proven diamond weave and slippery yearns that prevents snagging of your delicate underwear yet allows soap and water to flow freely when washing. This successful washer bag has been around for a long time and means you can put your favourite undies into the washing machine with confidence.

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    Mini washers


    These Mini Washers are perfect for washing panti-hose, knee-highs, fine underwear and anything with elastic and ensures that they do not get tangled. They are also perfect for travelling for those small items that get lost.

  • Bra Safety washer packaging

    Bra safety washer


    The Bra Safety Washer provides a safe option to handwashing your underwire, padded and moulded bras. Stiff plastic tubing and 4 straps keeps the bra and underwires in the same direction as the tubing for maximum protection. This ensures your bras will last longer.

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    Clear Straps


    Clear straps for every occasion that attach to any convertible bra.  They are available in Narrow and also Wide.

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    Cami Lace


    Instant Camisole.  Simply attach the cami to your bra straps.  Now you can wear those low cut jackets or blouses without worry. The cami is made of 100% polyester and are semi-transparent. Available in Black, White, Chocolate and Cream

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    Happy Strap


    Keep your bra straps safely out of sight. Easy to attach to your bra and unnoticeable under clothing.Nylon bra straps in White, Beige Black and a bonus clear strap that clicks onto your bra straps to keep them in place. Best forBra straps that wonder off the shoulder, for sports tops and for tops that are […]

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    Upsie Daisie


    This zig-zag heavy-duty adhesive is perfect for strapless dresses that defies gravity. It is guaranteed to hold up beaded, sequined dresses even on the dance floor. It is made up of pulyurathane foam and acrylic adhesive.